Olympics for Bionics in Switzerland 2016


Exo-skeletons, robotics, brain controlled computer games and muscle control by targeted electrical impulses – does that sound like interesting prerequisites for a world championship?

Good! This is turning into reality in Switzerland the year of 2016 under the name of “Cybathlon”. The competition is described as a combination between the XPRIZE and the Olympics.

Competitions are held within a number of fields and the person who wins is celebrated as usual, but also the creators of the winning solution. The Cybathlon is consisting of teams containing both innovation creators and “pilots”. Very few technical limitations are stated in the rules, since the aim is for maximum creativity to flow when creating a winning concept.

The hope is that the championship will work as rocket fuel in order to accelerate the pace of innovation for technologically assisted equipment for the disabled, at the same time as the importance of getting the products out of the lab and into a competitive setting is highlighted. It will not hurt the least that the whole thing might be quite festive.


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