Quick DNA Testing Beauty Company Live and Kicking in London


DNA profiling in 30 minutes? The bespoken advent of broad commercialisation of genomics-based consumer services is something we have heard about for years. Now a quick-stop shop has opened up in London.

The concept stores offering lies in DNA tests which will tell the costumers how they will age in the years ahead. Geneu Beauty, a European Innovation Award Winning company, has launched the initiative DNA BeautyLab which in 30 minutes gives you information that traditionally would have taken 30 days to create.

The one-chip technology test the customer’s DNA for two genetic variations tied to the aging of the skin. There are no needles or body slicing involved, instead the technology relies on a quick wipe inside the mouth accompanied by a small questionnaire about lifestyle choices. By combining the DNA sample results with the answers from the questionnaire, individually tailored product recommendations are made by experts. Read the full article on 33rd Square  


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