Real Flying Car is Finally Here


We have experienced recent raving about electric cars and driverless cars, but what about the all-time SciFi – favourite? A flying car that really works has finally arrived, and it is developed in Slovakia.

AeroMobil unleashed this great piece of news when they presented their innovation at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna last week. The company is optimistic about the future (Mistbreaker News holds a position of healthy scepticism in this case) and the company believes that the invention will make personal transportation change forever.

The project of this flying car has its roots as far back as 1989. The designer Stefan Klein started AeroMobil in 2010 to commercialize the concept, and in 2013 a prototype of the car was certified by the Aviation Authority of Slovakia. The latest prototype is very close to being commercially available according to the company.

The flying cars main target market is said to be developing countries where there are infrastructural deficits when it comes to roads and airports. The company hopes for the car to be attractive in markets where the government does not have the means or the will to spend billions of dollars on an updated transportation infrastructure.

The car only needs a very short runway to take off and it runs on standard gasoline which can be put in the tank at any regular station when wings are tucked in. Top speed is 200 km/h (125 mph) and the cockpit can carry two persons.

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