iPhone-sized Ultrasound Scanner Might Disrupt Medicine


Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg has raised $100 million to create an ultrasound scanner the size of an iPhone and to the price of a stethoscope. This invention could make a major impact in the medical world.

If you would hold the device to the patient’s chest it would display a moving 3D – image of what is inside. Eventually the invention could lead to new approaches in defeating cancerous cells by transmitting heat or deliver certain information to brain cells.

The system is being developed by the Rothberg’s company Butterfly Network and is the first of several ventures which are about to spring from the incubator 4combinator. It could, apart from the above mentioned abilities, diagnose breast cancer or visualize a fetus.

Rothberg claims that he initially started out with the aim of creating a more effective and efficient MRI machine, spurred by his frustration with these machines created when encountering them in an effort to battle a disease his daughter carries. He set out to make the $6 million machines 1,000 times cheaper, 1000 times faster and a hundred times more precise.

Continue to read more about this magnificent invention at MIT Technology Review


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