Stitch-free Wound-Closure: Low-tech Innovation with Huge Potential


A company from Israel has developed a method to close wounds without the procedure of stitching. This innovation could disrupt a method that has been used for thousands of years, which makes it somewhat unique in the current world.

We live in a digital age filled with high-tech, programming and advanced solutions in general. When someone decides to become an entrepreneur it is almost synonymous to say that the person is going to do something with either computers or physical services. This is what makes occasional low-tech innovations for complex problems seem very refreshing sometimes.

Doctors today use basically the same tools as the ancient Egyptians when they patch up an injury; needles and threads is the melody. However, wounds can be very big and complex and many of us are walking around with non-flattering scars due to sloppy stitching. Sutures are not an optimal way of effectively sealing cuts and fasten skin together and sometimes surgery is the only viable option.

The Israeli tech page No Camels reports that Dr. Moris Topaz, a clever plastic surgeon, has been thinking about this problem for a long time. The thinking has now led to an ingenious innovation in the low-tech sphere – and it is already at place in Israeli hospitals and is named TopClosure.

The most important strength of the invention is said to be its simplicity. In the future it could hopefully be applied anywhere in the world. It could be of great benefit to developing nations in terms of better and more adequate treatments of wounds at a cost which is not much more than for needle and thread today.

Many of us dream about finding that simple solution to a world-wide common problem. At least, stories like this sends a glimmer of hope telling us that there is still room for simple innovations that are solving complex problems. We could bore you with a lengthy description of how the TopClosure system works, but we have attached a comprehensible video instead. Enjoy the possibilities of low-tech!


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