Smartphone–controlled Coffee Machine Will Wake You up to a Real Treat


The Internet of things suddenly got hands-on useful. How many of us have not dreamed of a way that might make it a little easier to get out of the bed each morning. What about creating and sensing that scent of a cup of perfectly brewed java without having to get up in the cold morning? It would suddenly spark our motivation in leaving the comfort and start the day.

However, the real selling pitch of the newly invented machine Arist (see the Kickstarter campain here) is that the machine lets the user set a variety of parameters according to the individual coffee preferences. The machine offers a degree of control previously only offered professional baristas. Grind size, pressure, water temperature, ground weight and water flow are some things that actually might be very important to a coffee connoisseur.

The smartphone application comes with a number of preset recipes for all users to try in order to find their favourite. This is precisely the kind of applications in everyday life that will make the IoT gain traction among the common consumer.

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