Startup Creates Clean Electricity from Living Plants


Have you ever thought that we live in times with an over-abundance of great green alternatives to fossil fuel? Or that we have many but non-viable options? Solutions seem to come from everywhere around the world and while some of the ideas are quite strange they are nonetheless incredibly impressive and maybe even groundbreaking.

Speaking of such companies, a startup from the Netherlands called Plant-e has been able to generate useable amounts of electricity by converting energy from plant life and bacteria systems. The technology has the possibility to turn fields into power sources.

The company uses waste from the photosynthetic processes in plants, which is diffused into watery soil. Bacteria break down the material and release electrons and protons that can be picked up by an anode and a cathode, producing an electrical charge.

At this day, 1.4 billion people are still living their daily lives without electricity in their homes and Plant-e wants to put their technology to use in order to change this picture. The goal is also to use the technology in rooftop gardens, both creating a green environment and generating energy.

The catch with implementing the technology is that the plant life needs to be water-based. This means that if there is no access to water there is no access to electricity, two entities already going hand in hand in many underdeveloped areas today.

However, an ideal crop type to target for implementation is rice. The huge water soaked rice fields will be the main area of initial execution for the technology. Rice is one of the largest groups of crops in the world, with millions of poor people growing it.

We wish Plant-e a great start in their noble mission of providing the world with an innovative source of clean electricity. Read more at Springwise


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