After-party Energy? Food and Beer Power Chevrolet’s New Bi-fuel Impala


The utilization of organic materials in the vehicle industry is something that continues to raise eyebrows among consumers. And we’re not talking ethanol.

Earlier this year PCMag’s Good Clean Tech reported the application of light plant-based doors in the then new Ford Escape. Now, Chevrolet is announcing its futuristic 2015 version of the famous Impala.

The new vehicle can run on food scraps and grains from brewing beer. Well, the driver can of course not throw a cheeseburger in the fuel tank, but it is nonetheless impressive. Instead, the organic waste is used to produce biogas which is in turn converted to Compressed Natural Gas. After removing carbon dioxide and other impurities, what is called Renewable Natural Gas is created.

The thing is, this technology is for once not aiming to provide a clean conscience to the wealthy middle class. The target is to make fuel cheaper for everybody and at the same time reduce emissions. It is labelled a classic win-win situation, with a cleaner world and happy consumers paying only $1.95 per gallon. When this cheap fuel is available the driver can save money and when it is not the vehicle runs on good (bad?) old gasoline. Read the full article at EartchTechling


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