Climatescope 2014: Developing Nations are Leaders in Renewable Energy


Developing countries are often pitied in the western news reports when it comes to energy consumption, pollution and the usage of fossil fuels. It is regularly mentioned that these nations should not have to suffer from the responsibilities we have for making a greener world. It should be up to the developed countries first; and as time goes by the developing countries could follow the same trajectory. However, it seems as if developing nations have now taken the lead on renewables, according to a recent report from Climatescope.

The report “Climatescope 2014: Mapping the Global Frontier for Green Energy Investments” (full report) evaluates the ability of 55 countries where it comes to attracting green energy investments based on their current and future policies and financing. The report concludes that emerging countries in general experienced a 143 % increase in the application of renewable energy generation, versus 84 % for the established economies.

Thus, it seems as if not only the wealthier nations have the means and capabilities to reduce their environmental footprint remarkably – the developing nations might actually lead the way in this endeavour. The whole thing has to do with economics. The first fact is that many developing countries have some of the greatest natural prerequisites where it comes to wind, sun, geothermal energy, biomass and other technologically extractable sources. The second fact is that green solutions nowadays often might be cheaper than fossil ones, for instance the usage of diesel in developing nations make electricity very expensive for many.



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