Singapore Helps Cities Become Smarter


Singapore has for a while been at the forefront in the development towards becoming the world’s smartest nation in terms of resource utilization. Singapore’s urban planning process has brought about significant advancements in the use of land, water and power. Now, they are ready to act as consultants for cities aiming to become “smart”.

This task is easier said than accomplished for most cities. If you need to relocate people, social problems may arise, as has become evident from the case of luxuriously urbanized areas of China. Also, good legal mechanisms and properly executed land acquisitions are important prerequisites. Businesses operating in the cities must also play their part, as they need to become environmentally harmless and not spoil the efforts of moving towards a smart city which could inhabit millions.

The most recent customer prospect regards the major Indian city Delhi. The city has put effort into suggestions for battling the above mentioned dilemmas and become a smart city by the eventual guidance of Singapore. Other cities have already benefited from the knowledge of the small nation; Singapore has actually been helping the Chinese cities Suzhou, Tianjin and Nanjing quite recently.

Since Singapore is such a small nation it has mastered the art of efficiency, which constitutes the fundament of a smart city. In Singapore’s own cities, workplaces and shopping malls are often within walking distance from one another. If walking is out of the option, you can utilize cleverly designed cycling tracks. Otherwise, why not utilize the efficiently connected Mass Rapid Transport or buses?

Sensors are a big part of a successful smart city and of course Singapore has this area well covered. For example, the water system is monitored by a thousand of these little fellows. The sensors are monitoring for leaks, breakdowns and supply and 25% of the consumed water comes from rain. The goal for Singapore is to be car-less within the urbanized areas in the future, and many cities have a lot to learn from the nation where it comes to providing safe and easy walking for all people, even the ones with disabilities.

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