The Epson PaperLab – Sustainable Thinking in a Box


There is no secret that Mistbreaker adores sustainability. However, for novel sustainable solutions to gather traction and work in the long term we are utterly convinced that they must be paired with additional business benefits for whomever considers implementation of such solutions in their companies. This fact is rather frequently forgotten when people speak about the Circular Economy, for instance. The concept of a circular economy rather implies that “everbody wins”, not only that we should recycle more. Well, enough said about this for now. Let us instead swiftly turn to a quite impressive innovation that could revolutionize office recycling in a way that truly resembles a win-win one!

You see, today we want to present a solution from one of the gigantic companies in the printer industry. Actually, it is  somehow refreshing to be able to convey the news of the in-office paper recycling machine by the name of PaperLab from corporate powerhouse Epson. Thank goodness that radical innovations can still stem from R&D departments, it gives a glimmer of hope in times when startups seem to push the frontier wherever one chose to turn the gaze. It shows that big corporations are about to wake up and help pulling in what seems to be the only healthy direction of the future.

The elevator pitch for the PaperLab is stunningly comprehensive; put waste paper in, new paper comes out. Additionally, it all happens in the comfort of your local company office! Just take a look at the juxtaposition below and reflect of what it means taking so many redundant steps out of the supply circle:

The old way of recycling paper versus what Epson's PrinterLab offers

The old way of recycling paper versus what Epson’s PaperLab offers

The specifications of PaperLab are impressive, for sure. When you add waste paper to the machine it takes no more than three minutes for it to start producing new ones. If this was not enough, the machine can turn your waste paper into virtually any kind of new paper, from thin A3 sheets to thick business cards. Thus, what you are short of paper-wise is just three minutes away if you have some waste paper to get rid of. Better yet, there is probably no more efficient document destroyer in the market. Since the documents you might want to destroy for good are broken down into their constituent fibers, there will be no possible trace of as much as a stain of ink left. Take a look at the Youtube-clip below, if you please

What is more, with its new product Epson manages not only to cut out a majority of the steps usually needed in the recycling loop, but also improve on the very process that is turning old paper into new. You see, the PaperLab uses a very resource efficient way to create the new sheets, referred to as a “dry process”. This approach demands a very little amount of water compared to traditional standards. By crushing and breaking the papers into their constituent fibers, followed by a powerful spin-around process with the use of air to remove the ink, Epson gets past the first critical step of creating the paper slur within the machine. In the second step, Epson provides the use of various types of binders to stitch the fibers back together. The third and final step, the pressure forming stage, allows the user decide the size, density and thickness of the fresh papers.

By using different types of binders the PaperLab offers the user the possibility to create almost anything. Paper with fragrance, extremely white papers, colored papers, flame resistant papers and so forth. We are not sure how environmentally solid these specific offerings actually sound, but if you were going to buy those papers anyway, why do not do so in the most sustainable way?


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