This Innovation Might Provide a Natural Way of Increasing Produce Shelf-life by 1500 %


A formula based on hydrogen peroxide could make fruits and vegetables stay fresh and healthy for up to 10 weeks. The hydrogen peroxide decomposes into oxygen and water, which leaves no chemical residue. Innovations like this could be paramount to cut down on wasted global resources, help feed the hungry and contribute vastly to the sustainability of farming and global food supply chain.

Cutting losses from rot and deterioration during transport as well as significantly prolonging shelf-life are significant claims made by the Israeli company Pimi Agro. The innovation is about to be introduced to the United Nations within the coming months.

The claims might be grand, but the extensive scientific studies taking place over the last ten years have made Pemi Agro’s zero-chemical method of preserving produce to be approved in the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and China among many other countries.

Wal-Mart and SunPacific have undertaken large field-tests of the technology, which in turn accounts for the solution’s viability. Work has also begun with Pepsico, FritoLay, BSAF and others. Furthermore, the solution will also apply to improve the distribution of produce in regions with poor infrastructure and transportation abilities. A total elimination of pesticides and fungicides is also a paramount component in the force of the innovation.

Read the full article from Times of Israel


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