AI at Home? Amazon Takes Important Step


An always on AI appliance in your home has arrived to market. This seamless diffusion of AI is an important step, brought by Amazon, as affordability and reliability are keywords in achieving broad market penetration.

So what is it that Amazon has brought to the world? The product is called Echo and is a speaker. Of course, it would not be much novelty to such a product if it did not bring about some great extensions of previous speaker boundaries. It seems as if Amazon has tried to do just that.

Amazon Echo can be described as an intelligent speaker with Siri-like features. It always listens for your next command or question, it responds by giving the asked for information or by task execution. Echo’s seven microphones make sure to pick up your voice wherever you are in the room and the tube-shape provides a sound that fills all the space.

The device filters background noise and playing music, and it runs and processes the voice input via the Amazon servers in order to incrementally respond better and better all the time. It will give you weather, unit conversions, basic information, news, set your alarm by speech command along with other things you can dream up. New features will be continuously added since it is always connected.

It will retail for $199 for the common consumer. Read more in this article from FastCompany


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