NYC Implements 10,000 Amazing Public Phones


The payphone has since many years been declared dead in many parts of the world. What good do they do for most people, except when you would want to make an anonymous call?

It is always admirable when companies can take something totally outdated and update or reinvent the whole thing. This is exactly what is about to happen in New York City, where the old public phones are substituted with the descendants of the 21st century.

The project is named LinkNYC and involves putting 10,000 creations (which are called Links) into use all across New York City. The current number of remaining old payphones is 6,500 at moment, and these are naturally getting replaced.

All Links will provide you with the ability to make local calls to anyone for free. This will be very beneficial for people who forgot their phone or have run out of money, as well as several homeless and less fortunate people. The stations will be equipped with free gigabit speed Wi-Fi for all to use and feature a large touch-screen display.

Moreover, the stations will provide for public service announcement and display maps and directions. Each Link also has instant 911 (emergency concerns) and 311 (non-emergency concerns) access. Additionally, if you are running out of battery on your own device, Link is again your friend. It will feature USB – chargers to help you tackle your dilemma.

The revenue for the project is supposed to come from advertising on the digital display of each station. The revenue will be split equally between the city and project and is estimated to accumulate to $1 billion over the next 12 years. LinkNYC aims to employ 150 workers in production and create 650 new support jobs. The first LinkNYC structures is said to be operational by the second half of next year.

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