Restaurant Checking App solves Universal Problem


We wonder how many times we have become disappointed when arriving at a restaurant, bar or nightclub just to see that the atmosphere did not live up to our expectations. The new feature Venue Vibes from dining app Dash tries to combat the problem.

Have you ever arrived at a no-reservation restaurant just to discover that there are no seats and a huge waiting list? Have you ever gotten pumped up for a nightclub just to discover that no one is there, or that the line is insane? The issue is almost universal and encountered by almost every active city slicker from time to time.

Luckily for us and others help is now on the way. The popular dining app Dash has incorporated a feature which lets customers get real-time information about the atmosphere of nearby restaurants. The Venue Vibes indicator will let you know if the place you’re going to is lively, active, relaxed or quiet. Your choice could for example be dependent on if you are taking out a business client for dinner, want to have a fun night with the pals, just have a discussion over beers or attempting a romantic meal with your loved one.

So have does Venue Vibes accurately predict the atmosphere? The feature uses the existing POS (Point of Sale) systems in restaurants to gauge how busy each venue is compared to its maximum capacity. It turns of the predictions are seemingly accurate and Venue Vibes is said to be the first mobile app capable of revealing the true “vibe” of a venue before you even got there.

The app currently scans around 100 different restaurants and bars in New York and Chicago, but the feature is new, the idea almost brilliant (if the predictions are as accurate as is claimed) and expansion is evidentially on the way. We cross our fingers that Venue Vibes delivers as promised and that the days when nights did not live up to our expectations will be a problem of the past.

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