The Workplace Might Hold the Biggest Potential for Wearables


Accenture Technology Labs have concluded that there might be a much bigger potential for wearables in the corporate world than in the consumer market.

Accenture claims that the value of wearables for the great amount of companies with deskless workers is much bigger and more direct than the value for general consumers. Wearables are predicted to save $6 billion for companies worldwide, as the time between problem information, decision and execution can be shortened to seconds with the support of these new communication – and information tools. Manuals, diagnostics and real-time information can in the near future always be accessible where it has not been before.

According to the report, companies can achieve vast improvements in efficiency and safety. This holds true for a quantity of institutions and industries, for example operating rooms or remote environments with high demands in security and fast problem solving (e.g. in the oil and gas industries).

The report contributes with an array of industrial and societal examples. The first Fortune 500 companies are implementing wearables in their organizations already this fall (2014), according to the report.


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