Canadian Technology Accelerators Predict 5 Advertising and Tech Trends for 2015


The Canadian Technology Accelerators has predicted five trends in advertising and technology. The trends are as follows:

  • Rise of the sensors |Specifically the application of digital in-store or in-venue beacons is highlighted, facilitating for real-time targeted promotions
  • The evolution of mobile and social payments | The implementation of NFC technology in Apples latest phone and accompanying initiatives from Google, Twitter and Facebook is predicted to put new fuel to the hype
  • Health tech and wearables go mainstream |Small content formats and open platforms will create a new way of sharing and interaction with a variety of entities
  • Selfies get serious | Connected devices as well as drones will contribute to creating new perspectives in the way people present themselves to the world
  • More ambitious native and branded content |In a world full of product placement we will escalate towards one where brands produce TV shows and movies

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