Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015


Gartner’s top 10 technology predictions for 2015 have arrived, comprising the themes of (1) “Merging of real and virtual worlds”, (2) “Intelligence everywhere” and (3) “The new IT reality emerges”. Some concepts seem very similar to those from last year’s lists, while some seem novel. In any case, we have summarized the list and key takeaways for you:

Merging of real and virtual worlds  

  • 1. Computing everywhere | The ever growing number of smart mobile phones and wearables pressures the environment to rethink purchasing and data gathering processes  
  • 2. The Internet of Things | The four basic usage models (Manage, Monetize, Operate and Extend) need to be leveraged
  • 3. 3D Printing | 3D printing, both industrial and consumer used, continues to escalate and is predicted to reach the tipping point within the next three years

 Intelligence everywhere 

  • 4. Advanced, Pervasive and Predictive Analytics |The huge amounts of data generated by IoT, social media and wearable devices needs to be filtered and delivered efficiently
  • 5. Context – Rich Systems | We are entering an early stage of context-aware systems, tailoring responses to users based on surrounding parameters  
  • 6. Smart Machines | Context-awareness in turn creates the foundation for what is called smart machines, which understand their environment and respond properly to it

The new IT reality emerges

  • 7. Cloud Client Computing | Centrally coordinated applications and synchronized content that can be delivered to any device are created
  • 8. Software – Defined Applications and Infrastructure |Rapidly changing demands of digital business and the necessity for quick up-or-downscaling creates a need for more dynamic computing models
  • 9. Web-Scale IT | As cloud-optimized and software-defined approaches reaches mainstream, more companies will look to the applications and infrastructure of giants such as Google, Amazon and Facebook for inspiration
  • 10. Risk – Based Security and Self-Protection |Security is everything in the future digital world, more sophisticated risk assessment and mitigation tools are expected

Read the full press release from Gartner


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