Mashable Points to 6 Impactful Trends to Watch in the Near Future


The ever increasing pace of technological development makes almost every decade an interesting one to be alive in. At least for the past century people have dreamed up futuristic scenarios of how technology could help us fulfill our wildest dreams and aspirations. Now we are living in a world which borders to (what at least earlier have been called) science-fiction.

This is what makes it particularly interesting to be alive just now, because we can still be astounded by what technology can bring to us. There is at least some valid research ongoing in every field that has been touched upon in the Sci-Fi literature, including teleportation. Alright, maybe time-travelling is a field where there has been very limited progress, but that is about it. The comforting truth is that our ability to innovate is increasing exponentially as the years go by.

In respect to this progress, popular site Mashable recently featured an article called “6 Trends for 2015 that will Change our Future”. The trends derive from breakthroughs made from years ago, as well as incremental progress to keep close track of. Mistbreaker has as usual compiled a list of easily graspable key takeaways from the trend spotting for our dear readers:

1. Big Data gets to Work

We have heard so much about Big Data during the last years that it is almost becoming tiresome to some extent. The term is also often misused by marketing people and smaller firms in general, since they are oftentimes just using this buzzword for good-old-fashioned analytics. However, next year large powerhouses such as IBM and Intel will begin to use real Big Data and create potent decision-making tools. What can the supercomputer Watson do for cancer? The coming year will give us an indication.

2. Artificial Intelligence

We are beginning to see real and impressive progress in the world of machine learning. Microsoft has for example launched the new Skype Translator, as Mistbreaker earlier reported. Also, a computer program called Eugene Grossman kind of beat the Turing Test. Moreover, Google’s acquisition of DeepMind is extremely interesting on many levels. When the world’s most influential company is setting out on the mission of creating artificial neural networks we will pay close attention. These are just a handful of examples, but there are tons of other impressive ones out there – anyway, you get the picture.

3. Robot with us

Our robot overlords will not arrive in 2015, but the field is exploding with impressive progress and solutions, everything from personal robots such as Jibo and Pepper to military ones such as the Cheetah. Robots will continue to create huge impact within manufacturing, where the current trend regards human-robot collaboration with safer and smarter robots. Other impressive things are going on as well. For instance, Amazon has implemented an army of robots where some of them move shelves around whereas others pick items from the shelves, and this pioneering company gives us a good sneak-peek and an indication of where the future is heading.

4. Nanotech and Material Sciences

2014 saw numerous nanotechnology breakthroughs like nano cages that could deliver cancer-killing medicine at a molecular-level, and metamaterials that can deform to hide objects from human touch. Regarding applications in medicine, Mistbreaker recently broke the news about nanorobots soon being used in clinical trials within humans. Where it comes to material sciences nanotechnology is propelling everything from smart fabrics to super strong lightweight materials.

5. Batteries and no More Wires

The way to tackle the problem of larger energy consumption for the array of battery powered entities out there has until now been ever larger lithium-ion packages. However, as 2015 comes along we will not only see improvements in manufacturing technology leading to cheaper batteries just as powerful as lithium-ion ones, but also where it comes to size. Moreover, many of today’s mobile phones carry conductive and inductive options which make them perfectly fitted for wireless charging. Mashable predicts that the market will be flooded with gadgets, stations and counters which will be charged and powered wirelessly.

6. Flexible Displays

The last of the predicted trends might be not as exciting as the preceding ones, but it probably the one which will be most visible. Many are the companies producing curved television sets at the moment, but we have yet to see thin, flexible displays in the consumer universe. However, Mashable predicts that 2015 will bring us some unique product development built around the concept of flexible displays. The website is pointing to facts such as Gorilla Glass has some extremely robust and flexible glass ready to go, as well as some exiting projects brought about by Intel, for instance. We will keep our eyes open and see if the prediction holds true later during this brand new year.


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