PSFK Reports Six Emerging Tech Trends at CES 2015


The well – renowned consulting firm PSFK has compiled a list of what will be the big themes covered at next year’s Consumer Electronics Show, one of the world’s most hyped annual events. Attached to each trend, we are also recommending related articles from our own website – we hope you will find them enjoyable

1. The Omni-Channel Consumer

Consumers today expect experiences that are personal, relevant and available on-demand. New digital tools and platforms are things which retailers, marketers and brands must take advantage of. Also, when we are talking omni-channels we must also advice companies to give the consumers coherent experiences regardless in what setting the consumers interact with the brand.

To read more about the topic of physical and digital channels we recommend taking a look at the Mistbreaker article “In-Store Analytics Create New Opportunities for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers”, for instance.

2. Immersive Entertainment

Technology features we are used to by now, such as audio quality, graphics and displays are becoming increasingly sophisticated and affordable. PSFK also describes multi-sensory virtual reality as a game changer in how companies engage their customers.

For an interesting example of this trend you might want to check out the Mistbreaker piece “Virtual Reality: Travel Industry’s Next Bet.

3. Urban Mobility

Self-driving cars, drones, ride-sharing and the emergence of electric vehicles are transforming how we operate and get around our cities. In a close future when information and media can flow freely between vehicles and other devices it will reshape our world in an almost ungraspable way.

It is not only in the world of consumers things become increasingly connected, to get an interesting look at how the cities increases their connectivity in everything from public transportation to water pipes, read the Mistbreaker article “Singapore Helps Cities Become Smarter”.

4. The Connected Home

The emergence of networked sensors and sophisticated algorithms promise a more integrated, automated and intuitive home. From interfaces that enable people to control their lighting and appliances, to contextual operating systems that anticipate individual needs, connected homes will respond to their owners in new and exciting ways.

For instance, Amazon quite recently announced its new intelligent speaker, check out the Mistbreaker article “AI at Home? Amazon Takes Important Step” for an exciting read.

5. The Creative Economy

A new slate of tools and technologies are democratizing the means of production and distribution, giving us the ability to bring ideas to life and compete against large incumbents. From digital content to physical products, this is transforming from a niche movement into a disruptive force in the marketplace.

The economy and the competitive landscape is evidentially changing, leaders and followers are trying out new business models but often gets criticized. Mistbreaker provides an alternative take on the matter in the article “Solving Uber for X: Industrial Progress or Lack of Creativity?”

6. The Wearable World

The increasing ‘wearability’ of devices alters our physical relationship with technology. The ability to capture, track and analyze highly intimate data gives us deeper insights into our personal lives and behaviors. While this information is intended to improve our lifestyles, if not managed correctly, the volume and frequency of alerts can add more complexity and stress.

Everything seems to become available in our pockets and connected to our smartphones, the possibilities are endless. Check out the Mistbreaker piece “Smart Pepper Spray Captures Images of Offender and Contacts the Police” for a demonstration of the limitless creativity beginning to become unleashed. Another interesting Mistbreaker article touching the subject in an alternative way is “The Workplace Might Hold the Biggest Potential for Wearables”.


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