Releases Preview of 2015 Trends


Trendwatching, one of the world’s most respected authorities on consumer trends, has recently released the preview of this year’s “2015 Trend Report”.

The sample contains a description of three out of the 16 predicted large trends. These are (1) Status Seekers, (4) Local Love and (5) Playsumers.

  • The trend “Status Seekers” reveals the ambivalence of consumers and their relations to brands, we embrace some brands fully and openly while in other cases deliberately elevating ourselves above such relationships.
  • “Local Love” refers to the relationship consumers have with their residential areas, where brands and stores that make the particular place special are honoured.
  • The “Playsumers” trend acknowledges that consumers nowadays might be looking for mystery experiences, playful risk and participation for an unknown outcome – as opposed to full-info “what you see is what you get” – experiences.

All of the 16 megatrend areas are the same as last year’s report (and reports before); the difference is that changes have been happening within the topics. To get insight about the rest of the trends we will have to patiently wait and individually buy the report when it is released. However, the taglines of the predicted trends invites to interesting speculation and contemplation in the meanwhile.

  • Status Seekers | Status deniers vs. Brand fanatics
  • Betterment | Machine2Person
  • Youniverse | Brand ecosystems
  • Local love | Lasting spaces
  • Playsumers |Leaps of faith
  • Ephemeral Digital breadcrumbing
  • Helpfull | End of waiting
  • Joyning |Instant encounters
  • Human Brands | Death of human brands
  • Better Business | Big brand redemption
  • Ubitech | Internet of better things
  • Infolust | Intimate info
  • Fuzzynomics | Peer armies
  • Pricing Pandemonium |Deals: in demand
  • Tribes & Lives |Post – demographic consumerism
  • Remapped | Made better in mint

Download your own preview sample here


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