Biometrics set to increase Equality in India


In general, governmental employees in India are a lazy bunch compared to the incredibly dedicated private enterprise workers. This behaviour has to stop and responsibility must be taken. A new initiative speaks clearly of the magnitude of the problem; governmental employees will now be subjected to the power of biometrical surveillance.

India has one of the world’s hardest working labour forces. Employees more often than not are taking on lots of work outside of stipulated office hours, work weekends and provide support from home. The working spirit is astonishing and the pressure enormous. On the other hand, there is another group of people in the country which are not employed by the private sector and paints a totally opposite picture of working morale. This group is constituted by governmental employees.

According to the research organization International Data Group, government offices at all levels have for long stood helpless as employees have arrived at work long after 10 a.m., disappeared after lunch or not visiting the office for days. The complaints have been ongoing for decades and previous attempts of fixing the issue have been marginal in their success.

The news regarding the application of Biometric Attendance Systems has brought great relief to huge numbers of suffering citizens in New Delhi, which have been subjected to political irresponsibility for longer than they should. The attendance system is actually a governmental initiative in order to combat their internal problems.

Close to 3,000 biometric devices have already been put in place in about 150 central government organizations and the fingerprint scanning feature makes sure that the employees are physically present. By making a website where anybody can see the attendance the government is creating an unprecedented transparency in the bureaucratic nation.

Of course there is one obvious problem, which is to track the governmental employees between the check-in during the morning and the check-out in the evening. However, it is a great start and the solution is taking on a serious problem. The question is how far we should go in terms of surveillance in order for employees to account for time spent in office actually doing their job.

In any case, the governmental employees should be incentivized to take greater responsibility for the community. No one should misconduct their powerful positions in a well-functioning society; there is a serious need to stop acting as if governmental employees were not carrying responsibility for others than themselves. Hopefully, serious actions such as the Biometric Attendance Systems can create a better and fairer India.


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